1. Clea helena
  2. Elephant shark
  3. Geck-oh!
  4. Lithops
  5. Paris japonica
  6. Remipede
  7. Sea sparkle
  8. Tree Frog
  9. Cholla
  10. n. curvet
  11. Flic-flac Spider
  12. Horse-shoe Crab
  13. Clarión nightsnake
  14. Comb jelly
  15. Tardigrade
  16. Olinguito
  17. Ice Anemone
  18. Dragon Tree
  19. Orange Fungus
  20. One-cell Protist
  21. Skeleton Shrimp
  22. Microbe
  23. Fairyfly
  24. The Lollygagging Loiterer
  25. Padfoot Tardigrade
  26. Flamboyant Cuttle
  27. Daddy longlegs
  28. Deepest Duvalius
  29. Ancient Arachnid
  30. Whopping Big Insect
  31. Heroic Hopper
  32. KleptoBumble
  33. Boophis
  34. Midas' Touch
  35. Fear Nothing
  36. Dendrogramma

Verily, Scaiku

An Enchiridion of ScienceArt Haiku

Verily, Scaiku
An Enchiridion of ScienceArt Haiku
Clea helena

carniverous true

whelk, clea helena is

an assassin snail!

Elephant shark

elephant shark has

a cartilaginous trunk,

backbone of gristle

the callorhinuchus

millii's genome evolved

less than coelacanth's!


leaf-tailed gecko:

'wish i could do you justice

but 'have no picture


stone-faced lithops

avoids being eaten by

blending in with care

Paris japonica

the genome of one

fifty billion base pairs long

makes it the largest


blind remipede lives

in coastal marine caves and

is quite venomous

Sea sparkle

like a large balloon

flagellum, tooth, tentacle

sparkle of the sea

(H/T to the photo by alexandra, as found on PlanktonNet, an open access repository for plankton-related information.)

Tree Frog

Thorny tree frog
in resplendent pink and yellow,
hale evergreen monarch.

Hat tip to A striking new species of phytotelm-breeding tree frog (Anura: Rhacophoridae) from central Vietnam (CC-Attribution),


The jumping cholla's

branches have silver-ochre

stings which gray with age.

Flowers are white and

rose smudge-mottled with light blue,

its fruit green barrels.

Baby chollas jump;

cling to desert animals

vela de coyote!

n. curvet

wing'd neotrogla

penetrates her mate's chamber

everyone's aghast!

Flic-flac Spider

the flic-flac spider
in her tower domicile
does not need rescue

Pompous Pompilid

Pompous Pompilid

Horse-shoe Crab

blue-blood horseshoe crab

bait and biomedicine!

and now extinction?

Horse-shoe crab

Horse-shoe crab

Clarión nightsnake

Clarión Nightsnake

of black lava rock, not a

lost island dweller




Comb jelly


pacific sea gooseberry

mouthy ancestor

oh wow, ctenophore

pleurobrachia bachei:

evolution rules!

hey, barrage balloon,

sis eoandromeda

haz eight tentacles?

this jelly genome

guts, glory and glutamate

alien rainbow!

(H/T to this interesting article)

Gooseberry jellyfish

Gooseberry jellyfish



formosus is a beauteous

pallid tardigrade

(Read all about it!)




the arboreal

olinguito is a mist

raccoon with big teeth

(Well, 2014 is not going to be complete without these ten. May 2013 to May 2014, I guess.)



Ice Anemone

how do you burrow

through hard ice, anemone, with

only tentacles?

Ice Anemone

Ice Anemone

Read the very interesting Wikinews interview with Marymegan Daly  on the unusual new sea anemone!

Related article in PLOS ONE on Edwardsiella andrillae.

Dragon Tree

dragon tree, named for

Kaweesak Keeratkiat

grows on limestone rock

(Can you spot the four dragons?˙ᴉxɐʇ ǝɔɐds ǝɥʇɯlo ǝɥʇ ‘ǝɹnʇɐǝɹɔ lɐɔᴉɥʇʎɯ ǝɥʇ ‘ǝǝɹʇ ǝɥʇ)

Dracaena kaweesakii

Dracaena kaweesakii

Orange Fungus

the prince of orange

fungi: penicillium

from Tunisia

Read all about it here.

Penicillium vanoranjei

Penicillium vanoranjei

One-cell Protist

I, one-cell protist,

use pieces of glass sponge to

build my spiny shell

Read more.

I do Protist!

I do Protist!

Skeleton Shrimp

skeleton shrimp from

Santa Catalina is

a cave amphipod

(Read more…)


the tersicoccus

phoenicisis a very

tough little microbe


wee fairyfly wasp

Tinkerbella nana hails

from Costa Rica!

Tinkerbella nana

Tinkerbella nana

Read more here.

The Lollygagging Loiterer


blind Zospeum tholossum

of the ghost whorl-dome

Padfoot Tardigrade

padfoot tardigrade

antarctican moss piglet


H/T to New water bear found in Antarctica: Planet Earth Online

Flamboyant Cuttle


Pfeffer’s flamboyant cuttle

toxic sea artist

(Here is a perfect plushie!)

Daddy longlegs

Opi‘s short-legged cousin:

Mindanao‘s Cyphos

looks like a tick, but is a

rare mite harvestman

( H/T on this ClawsDay to  Rare Daddy-Long-Legs Rediscovered!, by Ronald Clouse.)

Deepest Duvalius

wingless and blind it

colonized Krubera Cave

deepest known to man

Duvalius abyssimus

See the Gizmodo article, and also this interesting one on grotto-dwelling beetles and global warming…

Ancient Arachnid

ancient arachnid
blendered into life again

Whopping Big Insect


largest aquatic insect

from Chengdu mountain

(Managed to resist the mammoth-, the monstrous-, the mountainous-, the mighty-; oh my!)

These are worth a squiz: Patrice de la Tour du Pin (discovered via BibliOdyssey)

H/T to Ecns.cn (It looks unreal!)

Heroic Hopper

small narrow-mouth’d frog

may you too find refuge in

Quilombos forest

H/T to A tiny new species of frog from Brazil with a heroic name, EurekAlert



This  new bee species

is a kleptoparasite

from northern Yemen

(It calls southwestern

Saudi Arabia

its homeland as well)



*Based on CC-BY-4.0*

 Alqarni AS, Hannan MA, Engel MS (2014) A new species of the cleptoparasitic bee genusThyreus from northern Yemen and southwestern Saudi Arabia (HymenopteraApidae). ZooKeys 428: 29–40. doi: 10.3897/zookeys.428.7821


from Ankarafa

Forest it comes calling with

trill and two-pulse click

green, with bright red specks

the new tree frog species is

alas near extinct

H/T to “Bristol student finds new species of tree frog

Midas' Touch

from Bolivia

Myotis midastactus

yellow goldenfur

H/T to the new golden bat species, Myotis midastactus.

Fear Nothing

Dreadnoughtus schrani

land’s gigantic herbivore

of near sixty tons


the deep sea gives up
the mouthy dendrogramma
with its mushroom grin

The tree of life re-visited: dendrogram's gramma!

H/T to PLOSone